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Diesel QR Like

This summer we have seen plenty of campaigns with QR codes. Recent one is from Diesel: you visit a Diesel's store, scan QR code next to an item you like, and click on like button on the mobile Facebook page. That's pretty much it. Check this video:

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Post Cannes: Jay-Z & Bing Decoded campaign

Here's an insightful interview with Droga5 guys and video from the same agency about the integrated campaign for Bing and Jay-Z new book.

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Transformers charge into web wars

With the launch of Transformers 3 (by the way, great IMAX experience, though not much substance, as noted by Salon.com and NY Times critics), world wide web is experiencing the onslaught of mini robots vying for control over sites.

What you have to do is to install bookmarklet from the site http://www.tf3webwars.com/ . Then you visit any site you wish to claim for your side and click on the bookmark. From a browser window side a transformers comes out shooting at you. When it's being dealt with by your, at first light later powerful, weapons you either claim a website for your side or help decrease the influence of the opposition.

Checkout video showing how it's done

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Trends for 2011 from JWT

Gaming mechanics is going to be integrated into shopping experience. Now, that'd require tagging every item some specific unique code. It's already been happening for quite some time in mobile 'scratch-and-win' campaigns. But those campaigns run in cycles, not continuously. Would marketers change from sales campaigns mindset to consumption as game? Fanta brand is already doing it here in the UK. But is it applicable for every brand?

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Most expensive domain names

The Economist has put together a list of most expensive domains sold. Too bad the it did not research return on investment (ROI) for the buyers. By glancing at sex.com it does not seem to generate daily fortune to its owner.

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Video integration in a full-page magazine ad

Axa Insurance launched quite an exciting integration with iPhone as a video player and a magazine ad as a background layout.

I’d bypass QR code and let viewer send a picture of the ad by MMS to an email address. There it’d be automatically recognized and replied would be sent with link to a video.

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