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Discoverability of your apps on the App Stores

Our most recent title, Meow Quest, has been on the Apple's App Store for about a week. We already have some stats that we can compare to results from launching the game in other stores: Google Play and Amazon Store. Just a few days on the App Store brought more downloads than Google Play and Amazon Store combined. That says a lot about discoverability of new apps on Google Play and Amazon. 

There's no way a new app will get noticed on either of the two without a powerful marketing support or a global brand name recognition. There is just no section on those stores where new apps would be given a chance to shine. There are new releases selection, but it's again 'reserved' only for those new releases that gain thousands of downloads right form the start. Basically, we have a catch-22 situation on Google Play and Amazon Store. So why consumers still wonder why devs aren't rushing to release their games on the Google Play? The reason is obvious.

Why did we release Meow Quest on the Google Play before it was launched on the App Store? Since we've developed game with cross-platform support from the start it was ready for release to both platform. We just had to wait till Apple's review of the game. It took us one rejection (because we iniitially applied for 'Kids' category in addition to 'Puzzles' and 'Family') and 14 business days later the game was released to the App Store.

How is sutation with app's discoverability different from the Apple's App Store? For one, every new app is displayed in the top-100 new apps on the iTunes desktop applicaiton or on device. Then, after initial period of about 5-6 days, if the apps gets a few hundred downloads and a few decent reviews, there's a chance the App Store team will push your game into the 'New' section right on the App Store. And this can bring a couple of thousands downloads of your title. 

Coincidentaly,  today Gameindustry.biz has published an article about developer's unfulfilled expectations and problems with discoverability. Good read.



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