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One day on the Facebook

Here's great infographics on a typical daily and weekly activities of users on the Facebook. A few observations: weekly engagement rates are double that of daily rates: 20% comment daily on friends' photos but 46% comment at least 1-2 times a week. Is that because there photos friends post are not engaging enough, or because of  frequency of visits of an average user?

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QR code to deliver personalised voice greeting

Here's a great case of integrating a QR code for content creation, discovery and digital product delivery.

The idea was to add a personal message to a gift, purchased at JCPenny store. Long gone a hand-written cards added to wrapped gifts! New technology offers an extra benefit of adding your voice message. You first scan a QR code, visit mobile page, enter your phone number and receive a phone call. During the call you're prompted to record personal greeting message.

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Interactive movie for Range Rover Evoque

There's great interactive experience that I'd like to share with you. It's a movie with multiple not just endings but complete stories. And it's your choices that determine what kind of Range Rover model, exterior and interior is suited for you.

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QR code that you can actually eat

You will be as excited as I am after you see this picture. These are custom made cookies with QR code patterns. You can actually add your love messages or links to specific mobile pages.

Imagine each cookie could link to a photo of you and your loved one.

qr cookies

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If you don't have mobile site (as 70% of companies), it's time to start creating one (not thinking about)

There's new article on eConsultancy.com  about results of a survey of more than 700 client-side and agency digital marketers. Apparently, only 30% of companies have mobile sites.

There's a suggestion in the article, with which I don't agree, that 'If your mobile traffic is approaching 20% of all visits to your site, then a mobile site should be worth the investment.'

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How to test your website will handle many simulanteous visitors

There's a great service LoadImpact.com  that allows high-load testing of your website. According to latest research from Akamai, visitors can hardly wait more than 6-7 seconds for site to load.

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Ice Cream with QR Codes

Nestle ice cream brand Hjem-IS has laucnhed a marketing campaign based on QR codes.

The campaign offered coupons to the 500,000 attendees via a custom QR code displayed on promotional materials.

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FaceLook: facial recognition for Coca Cola Israel

This summer Coca Cola Israel has created another integration between physical presence of a person and his or her social network profile using facial recognition technology.

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