A cross platform mobile application developed with Phonegap.

App description:

The application will come very handy when you’re getting ready for your trip to football game this June, but it will be even more useful when you are out and around in Ukraine.What you will find inside the guide (actually 4 guides in 1 application):

  • High resolution off line maps of all host cities zoomed to building level. What that means for you — don’t have to pay outlandish data roaming charges.
  • Phrasebook with over 400 phrases with Ukrainian transliteration and audio pronunciation. Comes with search for quick lookups.
  • Directory with 30 categories of places that you can search and view on the offline map. See what’s around you and get to places easily.
  • Maps of stadiums with sector numbering and closest public transportation links.
  • Maps of Kyiv and Kharkiv underground network with stadiums mapped so you always know where to get off.
  • All maps and audio is packed inside app. You will not pay any roaming charges as there’s no downloading.
  • Tips and advice on customs, traditions, dealing with authority and getting out of trouble.
  • Hotlines of all European embassies in case you need help.
  • Fan zones maps and events in each host city.
  • Useful health and safety information.
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